Factory in Japan

We will continue living up to 
customer expectations tnat
“Tescom products are reliable.”
  • Solar roof panels

    Generate electricity distributed to an electric power company, thereby contributing to a clean energy supply.
  • Employee cafeteria

    A bright cafeteria with an abundance of natural light and a spectacular view of surrounding mountains.
  • Manufacturing Control Room, Manufacturing Division

    Produces and packages products on assembly lines.
  • General Customer Office

    Listens to and acts upon customer requests.
  • Refreshment Room

    A staff lounge with a sofa and vending machine.
  • Engineering / Technology Division

    Brainstorms new ideas, leading to the birth of new products.
  • Logistics Warehouse, Logistics Division

    Receives, stores and ships approximately 400 types of product.
  • Newly Constructed Life Group, Logistics Division

    Reexamines products dealers return or request replacement for.
  • Product Test Group, Quality Control Division

    Conducts final testing of products bound for domestic and overseas shipment.
  • Service Group, Sales Technology Division

    Collects and delivers the parts ordered by customers.
  • Life Group, Technology Division

    Assesses products life duration by conducting long-term tests.
  • Durability Test Group, Quality Control Division

    Assesses the quality of products by testing their durability and heat resistance.
  • Environmental Testing Group, Quality Control Division

    Tests products to confirm they are waterproof and resistant to humidity and heat.
  • Cooking Laboratory Group, Quality Control Division

    Develops and tests recipes to accompany new products.
  • Assessment Group, Quality Control Division

    Assesses new product functions, quality and performance.