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  • Q1.What wattage is used in my country?


    Please check list of plug type on each product page.
    “Products” ⇒ choose country ⇒ choose product ⇒ click “? Plug Type”
    Using products with wrong wattage, it will be broken.
    Please kindly check before using.

  • Q2.Products does not work as usual, or need some parts. What should I do?


    If you have purchased in Taiwan or China, please contact customer service from above website.
    Please get a contact with store where you have purchased.

  • Q3.How can we use products which has switch to change voltage?


    Before using, please check below points.
    ** What wattage is used in your area.
    ** Which way does switch point, "100-120V" or "200-240V"
    If it's wrong, it may cause products broken.

  • Q4.Do you have warranty for products?


    Please get a contact with store where you have purchased.

  • Q5.I don't know how to use products.


    We have video of how to use, please click below video.

  • Q6.What is negative ions?


    In general, it is an airborne substance that carries a negative electric charge and it is attached to microscopic moisture.

    • 1. Hair Property

      Negative ions reduce the static electricity and moisturize the hair. Therefore, it makes your hair shine, smooth and silky.

    • 2. What is reason of hair damaged?

      When it is happened positive ion on hair by static electricity, the cuticle is easy to damage.

  • Q7.How can we be distributor?


    Please send e-mail to below e-mail address.
    It would be helpful for us if you send us your company profile and which product you have interesting in.
    E-mail :