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Middle East Asia Saudi Arabia Under Construction Under Construction
South East Asia Singapore +65 6747 1102
Malaysia +603-6141 3598 ext 313
Indonesia +62 0858 8120 5596
Philippine Under Construction Under Construction
(for Beauty) +66 2 721 2361-70
(for Kitchen)
Under Construction Under Construction
East Asia Taiwan 0800-255-123#16638 0800-255-123
China 400-6622-521
Korea +82-70-4640-5425
Hong Kong +852 3618 8345
Oceania Australia Under Construction
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Q1.I don't know how to use products.

A1. We have video of how to use, please click below video.

Q2.What is negative ions?

A2. In general, it is an airborne substance that carries a negative electric charge and it is attached to microscopic moisture.

1. Hair Property

Hair Property

Negative ions reduce the static electricity and moisturize the hair. Therefore, it makes your hair shine, smooth and silky.

2. What is reason of hair damaged?

Cuticle of hair surface get damaged

When it is happened positive ion on hair by static electricity, the cuticle is easy to damage.